Report of Condition
  West Texas State Bank    
  As of Period Ending 03/31/2018
      Dollars in thousands
Cash and balances due from depository institutions:    
  Non-interest-bearing balances and currency and coin 11,897
  Interest-bearing balances   46,819
  Held-to-maturity securities   1,410
  Available-for-sale securities   69,269
  Federal funds sold     62,250
  Securities purchased under agreements to resell   0
Loans and lease financing receivables:    
  Loans and leases held for sale   0
  Loans and leases held for investment   210,458
  Less: Allowance for loan and lease losses   4,605
  Loans and leases, net of unearned income and allowance 205,853
Trading assets       0
Premises and fixed assets     4,223
Other real estate owned     0
Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries and associated companies 947
Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances outstanding   0
Intangible assets:        
  Goodwill       370
  Other intangible assetss     111
Other assets       13,199
Total assets       416,348
In domestic offices       369,161
  Non-interest bearing     204,578
  Interest bearing     164,583
Federal funds purchaseded       0
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase   0
Trading liabilities       0
Other borrowed moneys) 0
Subordinated notes and debentures     0
Other liabilities       2074
Total liabilities       371,235
Equity Capital        
Perpetual preferred stock and related surpluss   0
Common stock       1,000
Surplus (exclude all surplus related to preferred stock)   15,000
Retained earnings       30904
Accumulated other comprehensive income   (1791)
Other equity capital components     0
Total bank equity capital     45,113
Non-controlling interests in consolidated subsidiaries       0
Total equity capital       45,113
Total liabilities and equity capital   416,348




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